The Company

You are our first priority. With many years of experience in the courier sector, we can assure you of our high-quality services.


Who We Are

COURIER CENTER is a versatile and vibrant organization, aiming to its continuous growth. Constantly observing market and technology trends, we are always one step ahead. Aiming for diversification, we provide innovative solutions for your customized needs. After all, customer care is in the core values of our philosophy. 

Our Vision

COURIER CENTER’s vision is to become the most innovative provider of courier services, creating new features and offering new options. We acknowledge the responsibility towards you and with transparency, we are committed to deliver the future in your doorstep.

Our Team

COURIER CENTER’s fundamental pillar are the people in it, they are the source of its evolution. We invest in young, highly skilled people, and we continuously train our staff by seminars, conferences and in-house trainings. Within our company, we promote honesty and we encourage people to get involved in the process of our development. As a single entity with a shared vision, we move forward. After all, the key of success is to maintain a healthy and pleasant work environment.