Reasons to tust us


24-hour customer care

COURIER CENTER is dedicated to its clientele and customer care is in the core values of our philosophy. We are aware of your expectations and we are always available, regardless time or location. Aiming to get established as the most innovative provider of courier services, we are the only Greek company providing a 24-hour customer care. We try to set our standards high and make your experience the best possible.

Web Shipping

The fastest and easiest tool to get your products to your customers. A solution for corporate clients, suitable for businesses of all sizes. We provide the ability to create multiple users for better management and segmentation of your shipments. Our up to date web portal, autofill’s areas by entering postal codes and autofill’s recipient’s information throughout our secure backups. For large volumes you can also import Excel files to automate your daily shipments.


Track & Trace is a tool for monitoring and recording your shipments status and provides you access to all the actions taken for a successful delivery to the destination. With our constant monitoring and our automated notifications, to you and your clients, undelivered shipments are not an issue anymore.

Our team

COURIER CENTER’s people are the heart of the company and it is fundamental pillar are the people in it and it is vital to respond and adapt to their needs. As a single entity with a shared vision, we aim to evolve while having customer care within our DNA.

Payment Methods

COURIER CENTER is a versatile organization that manages its client individually. We provide flexible packages of pricing, depending on monthly shipment volumes and chosen delivery options. Our goal is to reward our loyal clients.