Web Shipping

The easiest and fastest way to manage your daily deliveries. A tool tailored to your needs, suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Create your daily shipments in the most efficient way, tailored to your needs. Our up to date software, securely backups your clients' information into your account. Therefore, your loyal customers' orders are just a few clicks away. For large volumes, you can also import Excel files to automate your daily shipments.

  1. Autofill recipient's information.
  2. File import for automated entries.
  3. Autofill areas by entering postal code.


Take control and increase your sales. Keep track of your shipment's status and get fully informed regarding their course, as well as the actions taken for a successful delivery to the destination. With our constant monitoring and our automated notifications, to you and your clients, undelivered shipments are not an issue anymore.

  1. Monitor the status of your shipment.
  2. Get fully notified (Viber/SMS).
  3. Detailed shipment history.


Regardless time or location get access to our web portal through any device. With our up to date software, create multiple users for better management and segmentation of your shipments.

  1. Accessibility.
  2. Multiple users under one account.
  3. Domestic and international shipments.